5 Office Must-Haves: Jim Williams in Accounting

If you want to get to know Leggett & Platt, you should get to know our people first. What better way for you to do that than by seeing a few of their favorite things.

Jim’s role: Staff Vice President in Accounting

Job in a nutshell: Leading a team that ensures the accuracy of Leggett’s financial information, reinforces the integrity of internal controls, and continuously improves existing processes.

Jim Williams FINAL

  1. Calculator – Because I’m an accountant.
  2. Dilbert Calendar – Deadlines are important in accounting: month-end, quarter end, year-end, plus quarterly and yearly audits. This calendar keeps me up-to-date and on track, while Dilbert keeps me laughing.
  3. Red Stapler – It’s a Swingline. I’m honoring a great movie by keeping this stapler on my desk.
  4. Fountain Pen – I write with a fountain pen because it’s like a trip back in time.
  5. Mr. Potato Heads – This is just a sampling of my collection! My first two Mr. Potato Heads were Darth Spud and Spud Trooper from Star Wars. I saw them in an ad and my wife surprised me with them for Christmas. Over the years, my team members have gifted me many others to expand my collection.

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