Some Great Pointers For Your Daily Workload: A Linking Mess

Token World Cup-related article.

I love the World Cup, and my favorite team playing in Brazil other than the U.S. is England, which, come to think of it, probably isn’t in Brazil anymore since they were eliminated Tuesday. The Brits have trouble in penalty shootouts (a series of penalty shots taken after a tie game to determine the winner), and here’s an interesting article that links nations and their shootout success. The Germans, not surprisingly, are fantastic in shootouts.

How to handle pressure: lessons from penalty shoot-outs – The Economist

Grumpy people are better at their jobs.

I didn’t find this article’s argument, which is based on research, very compelling. But, because I tend to be grumpy and critical, I tried very hard to be convinced. Actually, the headline made me think that the research would suggest that “haters” are better employees because they have better critical skills and question the status quo. But it didn’t say that at all – it said that positive people got involved in more work projects and activities than negative people, which means that positive types weren’t as focused as those who are negative.

Grumpy and negative people are more efficient than happy colleagues – Daily Mail


This article will have you gasping in disbelief.

Have we reached the tipping point yet on articles that have headlines that end in “and you won’t believe what happens next” or “will change your life”? Those headlines are “clickbait,” and this article tries to tell you why you can’t resist clicking on them.

Why You Can’t Resist Clicking on This Article: The Clickbait Conundrum – Hubspot


How many tabs do you usually keep open on your computer?

Too many, maybe? This article says that they’re “secret distractors” and should be managed. I disagree. I open browser tabs and Word tabs to remind me I have a task to complete. At the end of the workday, I always close everything down, so I will at that point either deal with the task, or create a note.

 Work Smarter: Close Those Tabs! – The Science of Us


Companies need to walk the walk.

Companies have to enact their strategy, rather than just state it as if it’s a slogan.

 Strategy Isn’t What You Say, It’s What You Do – Harvard Business Review