You Have to Lie in the Bed You Made | A Linking Mess

No jerks allowed.

Do you have an unreasonable boss? I certainly don’t! (Thanks for reading, John.) Are tough, aggressive bosses going by the wayside in an era when companies like Netflix have a “no-jerk rule”? Or does it still take sharp elbows and a demanding nature to push employees? There are so many ways to effectively manage employees without resorting to intimidation and anger, which I think makes that approach obsolete. Does that sound soft? There’s a difference between being stern and a bully.

Is the Hard-Nosed Boss Obsolete? – Wall Street Journal

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

I’m not a fan of commencement addresses. I detest the usual Pollyanna messaging and “you are the country’s future” appeal. So when I saw that this article, which is an excerpt of an address by the commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command at the University of Texas graduation, was making the social media rounds, I was skeptical. But it’s a great message and very simple.

Navy SEAL Commander…Incredible Commencement Speech – Business Insider

Get up and dance.

This might be a little off topic, but here’s an article that gives advice for beginning – or just reluctant – dancers. Now that wedding season is in full swing (subtle dancer joke), you might want that extra bit of confidence to help you get out of your chair when “Single Ladies” is played.

Learn to Dance at Social Events – Wall Street Journal

Five things that will change your life!

Watch this quick video for a few workspace tips for easy, ingenious solutions to universal problems such as disorganized computer cords and mucky keyboards.

Office Hacks Improve Work Space – Business Insider