Eco Initiative Highlights – Spring 2015

LP-Ecoiniative-3410-300x134-colorfixedHere are two recent examples of Leggett & Platt’s commitment to be a good steward of our resources and environment. (Items in italics might be slightly embellished.)

Saving Energy by Reducing Horsepower

With a goal of energy savings, our Houston Foam facility (in Mississippi, not Texas) evaluated every motor in the plant and found they could cut some unnecessary horsepower. By replacing an over-sized motor for grinding equipment and removing an auger and drying fans that were no longer needed, they reduced total horsepower by 180, or 8%.

According to latest reports, the 180 liberated horses are now running wild and free across Mississippi.

Putting an Old Boiler Out to Pasture

Our Sponge Cushion facility in Morris, IL, which makes carpet cushion, has reduced fuel consumption and emissions by retiring a half-century old piece of equipment.

Working with their natural gas provider, NICOR, the plant found that their 1950s boiler used to cure synthetic rubber was, not surprisingly, a bit of a gas guzzler. While the boiler had served them well (and certainly shows they know how to maintain plant equipment), Sponge Cushion estimated they could reduce fuel usage 53% by upgrading to a modern unit.

Once installed, however, the new boiler performed even better than expected, using 65% less fuel. This is saving 104,000 therms of natural gas and eliminating 500 tons of CO2 annually.

With its replacement sweating away, the retired boiler is cooling off poolside in Palm Springs.