Stand & Deliver | A Linking Mess

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An L&P Work Furniture adjustable desk.

The simple act of standing up

Last year, I converted my desk at work into a standing desk and because I do almost all my work on a computer, I’m now standing for 6-7 hours a day. At first, I thought I might regret my decision as my feet and back ached for a couple weeks, but I slowly got used to it and now have come to enjoy it. In this article, a leading UK medical consultant says the benefits of standing during the day are numerous, and the act is more practical than trying to incorporate “moderate” activity for 30 minutes into your daily routine. Simply standing for three hours a day can add years to your life by fighting heart disease and decreasing the risk of certain cancers. Sure, I sometimes have to reconsider my shoe choices (or stand barefoot), but I’ve noticed that I feel healthier just by standing all day. It’s a pretty easy change that makes a pretty big difference.

“Stand Up for Three Hours and Live Two Years Longer,” Says Top UK Medical Consultant – The Independent

Another healthy dose of writing advice

When I come across an article about grammar or writing, I can’t resist it. And this one touches on a topic I think is extremely important – how people present themselves in professional emails. Your email writing style says a lot about you and, if you’re making the mistakes outlined in this article, what you’re saying is not good. Some things to avoid include: using emojis, making errant typos, adding too many personal details, and asking questions you should already know the answer to.

The 12 Most Common Email Mistakes Professionals Make – Business Insider