Are the Grammar Police Watching You? Also, Meetings. | A Linking Mess

Stopped by the Grammar Police

As a writer, grammar is a subject near and dear to my heart. And my heart breaks every time I log onto Facebook and see the blatant destruction of the English language. This pain intensifies when I see egregious grammar mistakes in professional emails. How we write is a reflection of who we are. But who can remember all those pesky grammar rules we learned in school? For some of us, that was quite a while ago. Never fear – this article contains a grammar cheat sheet with everything from the basics (their, there, and they’re) to the more difficult (lay and lie). There’s also a fun cartoon to illustrate why the Oxford comma is important (and although the author declares herself “team OC,” she fails to use the OC anywhere in her article…tsk tsk).

Beyond You’re vs. Your: A Grammar Cheat Sheet Even the Pros Can Use – Uberflip

All These Meetings…

People spend a lot of their time in meetings. While it would be nice if these meetings were planned weeks in advance, with time to prepare, that’s not always the case. When spontaneous meetings erupt, this article can help keep you on track and ensure everyone gets what they need out of last-minute meetings. Some suggestions include setting a goal, keeping the meeting on point, and keeping it short.

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Last-Minute Meetings – Business Insider

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

There’s an ongoing debate about how much companies should use social media in their hiring (and firing) decisions. This article offers both sides of the story. One opinion is that watching employees’ social media habits can help protect a company, so they should go so far as to ask for access to employees’ private social media accounts. So, what’s next – tapping our phones and putting cameras in our homes? No thanks. I’ll have to side with the other opinion presented – that fishing through social media can be time-consuming and dangerous for the employee. It’s hard for an employer to ignore differing political or religious beliefs when hiring, and it’s better that they don’t know these things about their prospective employees or they may find themselves rejecting applicants unnecessarily.

Should Companies Monitor Their Employees’ Social Media? – Wall Street Journal