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Flex-O-Lators Packs a Big Punch

Don’t let the small-town location fool you – Flex-O-Lators in Carthage, Missouri, plays a big role in Leggett & Platt’s operations. That’s because the facility manufactures components used in the company’s own automotive, furniture, and bedding operations, as well as those of outside customers. This vertical integration also takes place on the front end, with Flex-O-Lators purchasing wire and materials from other L&P branches to make those components.

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Corporate with a Twist: Spotlight on Creative Services

Far across the parking lot from the corporate offices sits a nondescript little building – it may not look like much from the outside, but inside, you’ll find bright-colored walls, outlandishly decorated offices, and, occasionally, people running around in 1970s-era business attire. That’s because this building is home to Creative Services, Leggett & Platt’s marketing department. CS handles everything from websites and videos to ads and tradeshows for any L&P branch that needs it, as well as for outside clients.

(It also happens to be where I work.)


Growing a Department

The department has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1966, when it was a one-man show devoted to providing logo and design services to both L&P companies and our clients. Continue reading

Company Spotlight: High Point Furniture Sets an Eco-Example

Ruby Jones and Richard Weeks each have over 20 years of experience with Leggett & Platt.

Ruby Jones and Richard Weeks each have over 20 years of experience with Leggett & Platt.

Environmental awareness runs deep at High Point Furniture in High Point, North Carolina. The Leggett & Platt manufacturing facility, which produces a variety of furniture components, recently hit a milestone, becoming landfill-free – meaning it reduced its waste sent to landfills from 41 tons a year to zero.

To accomplish this impressive goal, High Point has basically made recycling a way of life. Everything that is recyclable is recycled appropriately, and things that aren’t go to a waste-to-energy plant, where they’re converted into fuel for kilns.

Building a better recycling program

High Point began its recycling journey in October 2009, when the American Home Furnishing Alliance started the Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture program and encouraged High Point to participate. By March of 2010, High Point had become the first supplier company to complete the program successfully. The branch found that, through the program, it could not only reduce its carbon footprint, but also save money along the way. Continue reading

Company Spotlight: Hanes Geo Components

Leggett & Platt may have started as a bedding components manufacturer, but through the years, the company has added a diverse spread of capabilities to its line-up. Though some, like furniture and car parts, may be familiar, one surprising addition to L&P was geotextiles.

When Hanes Industries joined L&P in 1993, they focused mostly on the furniture, bedding, and automotive markets, making them a great fit with L&P’s existing endeavors. But in 2004, Hanes began looking into outside areas to find something that would mesh well with its established markets, while adding something new to the mix. They acquired WEBTEC, a geo-synthetics distributor based in Charlotte, NC. Continue reading

Sterling Steel, A Leggett & Platt Company

In 2002, Leggett & Platt purchased a portion of the former Northwestern Steel & Wire facility. Following major renovations in the melt shop and rod mill, the plant began operating in early 2003. Sterling produces more than 500,000 tons of wire rod annually.

Interested in working at Sterling Steel? Check out

Company Spotlight: Schukra Berndorf in Austria

CoSpotlight_Graphic-01In 2013, Schukra Berndorf, a Leggett & Platt company, was named one of Austria’s leading employers for a second consecutive year. Founded in 1980 and located about 20 miles southwest of Vienna, the branch is comprised of long-tenured Berndorf locals. They continue to produce outstanding financial results and quality products.

Gunnar Seen, Plant Manager of Schukra Berndorf, attributes much of the branch’s recent success to their 205 employees. “There are two significant pieces to our company culture,” he states. “The first is the dedication and devotion of our people; the second, their pride to carry on the Schukra name.”

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Company Spotlight: Folding Guard in Chicago, IL

Folding Guard’s Pat McMahon (left) and Jason Wynne shown with Saf-T-Fence®, a modular system of steel posts, wire mesh panels, and doors to protect automated machinery and the people who operate it.

Folding Guard’s Pat McMahon (left) and Jason Wynne shown with Saf-T-Fence®.

Last December, Leggett & Platt acquired Folding Guard, a leading manufacturer of safety, security, and storage products. The transition with Leggett has been a smooth process overall according to Folding Guard President, Jason Wynne. Becoming part of Leggett has created more stability and resources for the branch’s 110 employees.

Fifty Years of Success

Founded in 1962 and located just a few blocks from Chicago’s Midway Airport, Folding Guard is best known for machine perimeter guarding. These systems protect the manufacturing equipment they enclose, but, more importantly, they protect the people that work on or near those machines.  Folding Guard also sells wire partitions and lockers for access control and loss prevention.

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